The State of Remote 

Work Report

A massive shift has forced many organizations to determine that it’s still possible to enable workers to remain productive while not in a physical office. However, special considerations should be made to secure both your company and customer’s sensitive information.

Remote security measures: What organizations are currently doing to secure endpoints and protect their sensitive data.

Only 48.28% of respondents indicated that MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) was enabled company-wide on email and other mission critical applications. 

Only 19.31% of Respondents indicated that nearly all (75-100%) of the individuals at their organization access the network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

Only 13.79% of respondents indicated that nearly all (75-100%) of their company issued devices had a Mobile Device Management solution installed. 

Findings at a Glance:

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This new way of work with a greater emphasis on remote has surfaced the notion that the actual endpoints, meaning the mobile devices and computers that remote workers use to access company information are critical to maintaining such security. However, we found that a majority of IT decision makers have yet to implement key security measures for their remote workforce like virtual private networks (VPN), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and mobile device management (MDM).

We wanted to conduct this study to help organizations benchmark how they are adapting to this unprecedented shift compared to others.